About Us

Our Write Mind is a collaborative prompt fiction effort by

K.T. Hanna– K.T. Hanna is an Australian expat who lives in Kansas (long story), with her husband, baby girl, two corgis and psychotic cat. She’s a binge writer, who edits ruthlessly. Dictionaries are her nemesis as singular words inspire plot bunnies. She writes science fiction, fantasy and horror for MG, YA and adult. Her writing exploits are represented by Bree Ogden of D4EO Literary Agency.

Leigh Caroline– Leigh Caroline is a phone monkey for a non-profit by day, sneaking words between calls. Though some claim she also sneaks extra hours into her day, she just really hates being bored. She interns under her real name for a romance epublisher, and daydreams about sitting on both sides of the desk at once.

Rebecca A. Weston– Rebecca A. Weston is an author, blogger, copy editor and nerd. She likes her science fiction with a touch of history, her history with a touch of fantasy, and her fantasy with a touch of mystery. When she’s not writing or reading (or working her day job), she’s watching odd movies with her husband; running around with their giant, half-Doberman dog, working out; or occasionally playing video games.