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January Fireside Chat

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Did you have an idea for this one right off when you sat down to write this, or did you have trouble coming up with your story?

KT: Actually I didn’t. I kind of went into it blind. My only vague notions was personification of the snow encased sakura blossom. And well, you saw what I came up with 😉

Becca: I pretty much never have an idea straight off, even for the prompts I pick. I always have to stare at it when I’m under the gun and see what pops up.

Leigh: Strangely, I always have ideas right off. Maybe that’s why I keep getting ahead. 😉 Sometimes I actually go through 3 or 4 ideas before I really settle on which one I want to do.

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Any ideas of things you’d like to change up or do differently? Anything you really like that we do?

KT: I think I’d like to see us use some like first lines or something. Where we all pick a first line, or phrase that has to be the first thing in the story – and see where each of us takes it. Text based can inspire so differently than pictures. I’d also like a song round for us. Each of us picks a song and we all use said song as inspiration for that month.
I do love that every time we take a picture and use it as a prompt, we all pretty much come up completely different ideas etc

Becca: I mean, I think it continues to be a good way to stretch and try out new ideas on a smaller scale. It’s good practice, and it really helps me experiment.

Leigh: That could be fun, KT! We’ll have to play with that. 😀
Have you changed how you’re picking prompts as we go on?

KT: Not really. I need to see the picture and think ooooo – and that’s basically how I do it. It’s a gut feeling thing. Always is with me.

Becca: Not really. I just go into our prompt pool and surf the photos until something stands out to me. If there’s a few of them, then I try to factor in past prompts and silly things like what season it is to figure out which one would be best.

Leigh: Yeah, I’ve been keeping the seasons in mind too. You guys are lucky, I was joking with one of my other friends about picking a picture of a robot hugging a duck as a prompt, just to see what you would do with it! I resisted. Barely. 😉

Any other thoughts?

KT: I’d actually like it if once in a while we could get a guest writer to pick a prompt and then do their own take on their picture as well. Maybe on a 5 Friday month or two. I think that could be fun.

Becca: I know the idea was to post something every week, but I’m wondering if these Q&As are adding much? The stories seem to go over pretty well, but these discussion posts don’t really pull the same kind of pageviews.

Leigh: Thanks lovelies! I know it was short notice this month, I’d thought today was going to be February, so THANK YOU for the scramble! I’m all in favor of guest posts, any volunteers out there? SPEAK UP! 😀

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